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Aerial Video and Photography Services

Sports and Events

For decades, manned helicopters have been used to capture sporting events.  Our drones are not only more cost effective, but allow us to get right into the action.  With the ability to reach speeds in excess of 50 km/h and a range of over 500 metres, drones allow for new creative flexibility.  Our setup times can be less than a few minutes which makes it possible to quickly move around a course during a race.  The large size of our drones allows us to easily fly even on windy days.  This means you won't be stuck last minute without aerial media due to heavy winds. 


At events with many spectators, a safe and reliable drone operator is critical.  Since operations began in 2011, Sky Eye Media has flown thousands of commercial operations with a stellar safety record.  We carry an extensive liability insurance policy. 


Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival 2014

No Limits Performance Basketball



Car Racing




Golf Tournaments




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