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Aerial Video and Photography Services

Recent Projects

Film, Television and Corporate

Experience Matters.

Sky Eye Media has been operating under Transport Canada permits for years providing some of the best drone aerial imagery in the world.  Thousands of flights have been completed for hundreds of clients, delivering nothing but an exceptional product.  Our pilots are capable of safely manoeuvring our drones in complex and accurate flight patterns allowing a director to put their creativity to the test.  Sky Eye Media's permits allow us to fly almost anywhere in Canada, day or night.


Why use a drone (UAV)?

Drones allow for the flexibility to combine the movement of a dolly, crane, and helicopter all in one shot.  In many cases, a drone can mimic most of these types of shots with significantly less set up time and cost.  Whether a shot is indoor or outdoor, a drone precisely controlled by one of our skilled pilots will add significant production value.



Sky Eye Media's drones are designed in-house and their performance is unmatched.  Some of our current capabilities include:



  • 4K - 8k

  • 12bit raw recording

  • Smooth video with focal lengths of up to 100mm

  • Wireless live video feed from the camera



  • 12bit raw

  • 360 degree panoramic images that can be easily stitched

  • Super high resolution photos over 300 mega pixels

  • New! – Sharp 2sec+ long exposure night shots 


2014 Demo Reel

2013 Demo Reel

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